Cargo access, Located in Belgium , providing global services.

We are the one of the most professional and ideal supply chain service provider in Europe, we aim to become the expert in providing global supply chain services.

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CARGO ACCESS, the best logistics platform for European importers

As customer and service oriented company, we do our best to ensure the efficiency of each orders and safety of each goods.

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CARGO ACCESS Innovation, technology, safety and efficiency.

We use advanced digital means to provide customs clearance, warehousing and delivery services for imported goods to Europe which is convenient for our clients to track their goods through the whole process.

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CARGO ACCESS, Warehousing expert in Europe.

We use integrated management and provide one-stop services for warehousing, sorting, transit, reinforcement, labelling, return and transportation, so as to reasonably reduce the cost and improve the efficiency.

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CARGO ACCESS, The operation of all modes of transportation is entirely based on your choice.

No matter what our clients’ preference are, airway, sea way, railway or trucking, we can tailor-made the service for our client and solve the problem for them.

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CARGO ACCESS, your best supplier in Europe.

We provide the best and most affordable one-stop logistics solution for cross-border e-commerce.

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CARGO ACCESS with a professional and efficient business team.

CARGO ACCESS is committed to providing local import and export business in Europe to global customers. In order to continuously improve the customer experience, we focus on our customers with our honest, qualified, professional, safe, convenient services.



Customs clearance takes an important part in the process of international transportation. Whether the customs clearance can be smoothly done can directly affect the delivery of goods. Bad service can increase the delivery cost, cause customer dissatisfaction and reduce profits.


Transportation and Last mile delivery are key value drivers in the online shopping experience.

The classic model for distribution networks is no longer appropriate to meet the habits and desires of the modern consumer.

European consumers in particular have high expectations for parcel deliveries in terms of speed, delivery options and tracking information.


Cargo access has a bonded warehouse with 10000 square meters in Belgium, which is fully managed by digital system and provides customs stop services. At the same time, it also provides overseas warehouse services for overseas e-commerce, including warehousing, sorting and allocation, goods transfer, label replacement, outer box reinforcement, return and replacement processing, one-piece consignment and other services. We help to realise the localization of our customers’ oversea sales.

Value-added service

From all aspects of the supply chain, cargo access provides a wide range of professional services to reduce the complexity of online business and international trade. We provide safe, stable and flexible infrastructure and services. We will customize services according to specific requirements and provide solutions to help our clients to reduce costs, improve efficiency and ensure the smooth flow of the goods. CARGO ACCESS can also provide you with customized solutions for specific requirements.

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